Olympiad, Outreach, and Teaching

Since high school, I've been participating in different science contests, and the Astronomy Olympiad had a major impact on me. I've participated in two different international olympiads as a student (i.e. IOAA 2016 and IESO 2017, Bronze). Since 2018, I've been working at the Bangladesh Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (BDOAA) as an academic coordinator and coach. I was the youngest team leader of the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) on behalf of Bangladesh in 2018 among experienced Astronomers and educators from more than 43 countries when I participated first. ✨.

Here I'll eventually add all the blogs, notes, and details about the Astronomy Olympiad and outreach I've created over the years.

I've written a detailed blog on the Astronomy Olympiad preparation and how to read and perform better (in Bengali). The blog also contains a list of Books and notes. You can read the blog here

Bangladesh Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (BDOAA)

Bangladesh Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (BDOAA) is a non-profit organization that organizes the regional and national olympiads on astronomy and astrophysics (A&A), hosts the national A&A camp in Bangladesh, and sends students to the International Olympiad on A&A (IOAA) co-founded by me back in 2018. BDOAA is the most prestigious competition on A&A in Bangladesh for school and college students and IOAA is the most prestigious international competition on A&A for students up to the age of eighteen.

I've since been the lead academic member and trainer of the Olympiad and also acting as the team leader of Bangladesh since 2018 participating in China, Hungary, Estonia, Colombia, Georgia, and Poland in different editions of IOAA.

Pictures from IOAA and BDOAA

IOAA 2023 Team leaders
At Planetarium Slaskie, Poland
Medals of IOAA 2023
Medals my team achieved
Moderation during IOAA 2023
Working on Scripts of IOAA
First BDOAA Camp 2018
First BDOAA Camp 2018
Representing Bangladesh at IOAA 2016
First time Team leader in China
Forbidden City, IOAA 2018, China

Teaching Experience

Topics I've taught:

  1. Astronomical Geometry
  2. Radiation Mechanics and Astronomical Photometry
  3. Astronomical Observation Techniques
  4. Binary Stars and Variables
  5. Galaxy Morphology and Gravitational Lensing

National Earth Science Olympiad (NEO), Bangladesh
Topics I've taught:

  1. Astronomical Observations
  2. Astro-geology
  3. Planetary Science

Astronomy Notes for Olympiads

Most of the notes are Olympiad-focused that I've written for Bangladesh team preparation for IOAA. I am also writing my own Astronomy textbook named জ্যোতির্বিজ্ঞানের যত কিছু, অলিম্পিয়াড ও অন্যান্য (All about Astronomy, Olympiad and Extra). The details about this project can be found here

  • Approaches to Solving Problems in Physics
  • Radiation Mechanics Handwritten Notes
  • Star Maps 101 and Practices

  • I also publish my Astronomy lecture classes that I've taken during the training session for the Astronomy Olympiads. The videos can be found on BDOAA's official channel.

    দূর বিশ্বের নাগরিক - Citizens of the Universe

    Durbin is the first observational group that is traveling around Bangladesh to do astrophotography of planets, nebula, stars, galaxies, and other exciting astronomical objects. We will share our images and their stories with everyone to raise awareness about the Universe in which we live.

    This is a fairly amateur Astronomer group that mainly specializes in Astronomy outreach through observational campaigns. I am one of the key National Volunteer of the group. The project is funded by the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics and Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB).

    ✨ My Astrophotography for this project! 🔭

    Medals of IOAA 2023
    Moderation during IOAA 2023
    First BDOAA Camp 2018