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When it comes to writing about myself, I am always bewildered. So I express more about myself in person. I've recently completed my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering

I'm a motivated student who primarily has a keen interest in Astronomy and Astrophysics but I take occasional interest in Arts and filmmaking. Since high school, I've been participating in different art/science contests and the Astronomy Olympiad had a major impact on me. I've participated in two different international olympiads as a student (i.e. IOAA 2016 and IESO 2017). Since 2018, I've been working at the Bangladesh Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (BDOAA) as an academic coordinator and coach. I was the youngest team leader of the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA), 2018 on behalf of Bangladesh (2018-2023, 6 years) among experienced Astronomers and educators from more than 50 countries. This experience has curated my skills in leadership, science communication, travel, and expert student coach. Which has further helped me in my personal life.

I've been learning Astronomy and Astrophysics [initially] all by myself [thanks to each and every Astronomy educator who had free materials available online] and now I am mentoring hundreds of students on Astronomy basics. I want to pursue my Master's/PhD degree in Astrophysics where my special interest is in Observational Astrophysics/Lensing Cosmology. Currently, I am doing research on Gravitational Lensing with the BDLensing group. Formerly I completed an internship on the Exoplanetary environment with high-resolution spectroscopic data with LEAPS-2020. Since 2020, I’ve dedicated my time to writing a textbook on Fundamentals of Astronomy focused on Olympiads in our native language which is set to be released this year (2023). I'll spend my summer in another prestigious summer fellowship at Calmers University of Science and Technology [2024]

I am also interested in popularizing science education and contributing to the improvement of research quality in Bangladesh and am engaged with different organizations and activities alongside studies for that reason. A glimpse of my work is provided in the following sections of this page.

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Art and Art competition...


  • IELTS (May, 2018) Overall band Score 7 [R-8.5, L-7, W-6.0, S-6.5]. Will sit for another time in 2023/2024
  • Winner from Bangladesh: Win A Telescope by International Astronomical Union (IAU), SSIV, Belgium, 2018 [Click]
  • Bronze Medal: Representative of Bangladesh at International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO 2017), Nice, France [Click]
  • National Champion: National Earth Science Olympiad (NEO), 2017
  • Scholarship: The scholarship is given at the junior, secondary level, and higher secondary level by the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh. I achieved this scholarship in 2013 at the Junior level (JSC), in 2015 at the secondary level (SSC) [Click], and in 2017 at the higher secondary level (HSC).

  • Certificates

    The major certifications for different programs, competitions, and achievements are listed below

    Summer School
    Participant IOAA 2016
    Bronze Medal
    IOAA 2018
    GeCAA 2020
    First time Team leader in China

    Public Talks and News Features

    I've been featured nationally in various newspapers/magazines for my work on Astronomy Olympiads.

    On the stage with Russian Ambassador of Bangladesh 2023
    Taking Prize for my works in NEO 2019
    Taking Prize for being first at Art Contest 2013

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